Вторник 19 января 2021


Spiritual Sources of the Great Victory

75 years ago, the Great Patriotic War thundered around. Our nation had to pay too much for that victory over inhuman fight with fascism. The memory of the Motherland defenders who sacrificed their lives for the sake of her freedom and independence, for the sake of future generations, is sacred. Those who were bringing our Victory closer fighting in battles on the front – line, behind the enemy lines and working for the defense in factories, are abundantly worthy of our honour and respect.



Автор: Баева Марина Леонидовна
Место работы: ГБОУ Города Москвы «Школа № 629»
Должность: Учитель английского языка




Unfortunately, the veterans’ generation is passing away, and the number of witnesses of those events becomes fewer and fewer with every year. Nevertheless, the feats, labors, and sacrifices offered by the Soviet people on the altar of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945, are perceived and valued deeper with every year. New and before unknown details and data about feats are revealed, and more heroes’ names are added to a heroic chronicle of the Great Patriotic.

Students and teachers of Moscow’s school № 629 tell readers of Prosveshchenie the real stories of their relatives who lived and fought in that hard time.

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