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Термин деятельность включает в себя дискуссию, обработку собранных данных и опрос.

There are many terms used to define what takes place after an activity. These terms include discussions, processing and debriefing. A good healthy discussion flows around the teacher not back and forth from teacher to student

настроение: деятельностное

ключевые слова: задавать правильные вопросы, критическое мышление, делиться мнениями вслух, направление

город: г.Железнодорожный, Московская обл

The teacher has two roles during the discussion. The first role is to establish the format by deciding how students will take turns expressing their opinions. The second role is asking questions. This will consist of opening a discussion with a question and continuing asking questions that help the students to explore the activity and apply it to their lives. If we, teachers, wish a free exchange of ideas during the question time, we must be sure that we do not interject our own opinion overtly or covertly.

A discussion emphasizes learning rather than teaching. Students do not only think about the issues, but they also learn to ask the right questions about themselves and others. This is the beginning of critical thinking. I have noticed that discussed information is remembered longer and becomes more meaningful to students. When students share aloud, they become more confident in their opinions.

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