Сборник обучающих материалов для учителей английского языка «Тверь в фокусе» (Spotlight on Tver/Here the Volga is Born)

Четверг 30 января 2020





Мишин Андрей Валентинович
учитель английского языка
многопрофильной гимназии № 12 города Твери.
Заслуженный учитель РФ.





Here the Volga is Born

Тhe Tver region is one of the largest regions in the European part of Russia and the largest in the Central Federal District. It is an ancient and interesting area, which is becoming more accessible to visitors arriving from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Despite its closeness to the overwhelming centripetal force of these two mega-cities, Tver manages to keep its historic identity.

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